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Handmade Christmas

We just got back from having Christmas with my family in Virginia/Tennessee and as quick as you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” we’re about to be headed back out the door for Christmas in Ohio.

First, a few things about our first Christmas.

1. We had a White Christmas. A rare treat for me since I come from the land of “not much snow ever.”

2. I knit Christmas ornaments.

3. Handmade gifts were exchanged.

Knucks for Mom.

My brother's girlfriend made blankets for us.

Dad built birdhouses made from wood shelving from my grandparents' home.

4. I got a teeny tiny Turkish drop spindle from here that I couldn’t be happier with. Spiders will be envious of the tiny webs I spin.

5. I made this face. A lot.

6. The reason I made that face so much is not pictured here. It was the aproximately 20lbs of candy, cakes, and desserts made by Mom, Jana, and myself. I’m amazed we didn’t all die of sugar overdose. There were: peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge, chocolate covered cherries, coconut bars dipped in chocolate (and without chocolate), peanut butter rolls, cake balls, strawberry cake with fresh strawberries, these little individual chocolate cakes topped with a fresh strawberry, 30 day friendship cake, and on and on.

7. I got to be with my family for Christmas and that made it very Merry indeed.

And a Happy New Year

I’m on Christmas “vacation” until Tuesday. See you folks next week.

Have a very Merry Christmas. Stay warm. Stay safe. Hug somebody you love.

Snow Days

Over the past weekend we’ve had quite a bit of snowfall here in the Mountain State. Of course you know what that means. Cats in the snow. What? They wanted to go outside. Honest. At least I waited until it was well above 20F before I let them out. They were starting to go stir crazy.

Izzy ran outside and immediately jumped onto the porch railing because of this furry creature.

Jenna was really really really really excited that I and the cats were all outside. We were OUTSIDE! TOGETHER! CATS! And HUMAN WHO GIVES ME TREATS! Also, there’s a DOOR! with WARM! LET ME IN! SNOW TASTES GOOD! CATS!

 She was so excited her brain short circuted and she just sort of stood there.

And the inch or so of snow she’s standing in? That’s under our carport. That’s the snow we got in an area with a ROOF.

Not to be deterred by a dumb dog, Izzy continued walking down the railing.

The only problem with this is Izzy isn’t very smart. And she hasn’t seen snow for nearly a year which means she doesn’t remember it. Not very smart cat + soft, white, wet stuff she has no real memory of = hilarious photos for us.

Check out that stretched paw action. Claws fully extended. It’s as though her mind decided she could just stretch out far enough and there’d be no more snow. This would have to  ignore completely what her eyes are telling her since EVERYTHING was covered in snow out there. She’s cute. But she’s not bright.

After this she gave up and came back to me. Ready to be returned to the inside where her bed and the heater are.

Forget this crap. Let's go inside!

Guy on the other hand is smart. We know he’s smart. But I was impressed with him. He managed to only walk in spots with little to no snow.

He was bound and determined to be outside so he figured out the white stuff and got over it.

The humans cleared a path for me. Excellent.

That’s not really his path. That’s our path to the car.

And yes, this is really what I did while I was snowed in for 2 days last week. Laughed at my animals in the snow.

And took a photo of bird foot prints. It’s winter. There’s not much else to do…

5 Days to Go

It’s only 5 days till Christmas!! It’s been quiet around here and for good reason.

I’ve been working on Christmas knits.

And thanks to all the kind souls who shop on etsy, I’ve spent nearly every night for the past 2 weeks sewing mustaches. Sewing, sewing, sewing.

The shop is on vacation mode now. I want to be able to spend the next 2 weeks relaxing, spending time with my family, and being able to take a deep breath without worrying about orders, and envelopes, and packging. I also have some plans for the shop in 2011 which include some knit/crochet items and maybe some of this action.

This one is just a prototype and has a lot of bugs to be worked out (her eyelashes ended up making her look angry) but I like her. And she went on my tree this year, hence the 2010.

So that’s what I’ve been up to and now I’ve got to get back to it. Stay warm folks. It’s cold out there.

Christmas Shopping

I’ve been working hard this week getting photos ready for a big shop update and it’s done! Head on over to my shop and you can find goodies like

The Happy Happy Snowman! Like Nadine says, “He’s just so damn excited about that snow!”

Also brand new and available are Marshall University Christmas ornaments. Display your Thundering Herd pride on your Christmas tree.

And in an effort to support local artists, be kind to the Earth by reducing the carbon footprint, and give unique gifts for the holidays, I’ve made a Huntington Etsy Artist Treasury. So if you’re in the tri-state area and reading this, please consider giving one of these talented local artists a try. Why go to a big box store and buy something there’s a billion copies of, made in another country, and flown across the world? Instead consider buying local this holiday season.

The Prettiest Thing

I love flowers. All flowers. Fresh flowers warm my soul and make me so happy. But I also have allergies which means fresh flowers aren’t always possible. So on a wing and a prayer, I decided to make a giant felt flower out of one of my favorite flowers, the dahlia. They have such giant, cheery blooms, how can you not love them? 

I (and Justin) cut out 3 different sizes of petal shapes. Then I painstakingly folded each one in half and sewed it down to a piece of fabric. Then I spent 2 days, TWO days, sewing about 200 red, shimmery seed beads to the center. The result?

Breathtaking. If I do say so myself.

Each of those folded petals took about 12 minutes from cut out to sewn down. Do the math…

This photo shows the color of the beads perfectly. They’re red but they shimmer with yellows and golds as well. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

For the back, I sewed on a circle of felt on which I embroidered my initial and the year.

Stunning, eh? You can buy it at my shop and bring it home just in time for the holidays.

74 Days

According to my Christmas Cactus,

Christmas is coming.

We’ve got plans for a very handmade Christmas around these parts.

Better get a move on. The calendar waits for no man….or knitter.