Birthday Demon Squirrel

I love vintage embroidery patterns. I love their kitschy goodness. Vegetables dancing the tango or an elephant washing dishes.  That’s the great thing about these patterns. Typically the subject matter makes little sense. Why would anthropomorphic vegetables be dancing? Why not!

But the thing about this older patterns, in order to save on ink, they typically are very basic outlines. It’s up to the stitcher to fill in all the things that need to be filled in. This sometimes leads to images looking a little…off. So when I showed my friend this vintage squirrel pattern, she was immediately creeped out. And then asked me to stitch it for her on a bag. And to make the eyes red so the true demon inside the squirrel could come out.

Tuesday was my friend’s birthday and the day she finally received her demon squirrel.

Creepy, eh? Demon squirrel will eat your soul.

The eyes are satin stitch with red satin thread. I don’t care to ever work with that again. No matter what I did, the thread snagged and knotted with nearly every stitch. The majority of the outline stitching is chain stitch.

My favorite bit, other than the demon eyes, are the sweet little french knot flowers. I adore making french knots. I think I feel a french knot project coming on.

So Happy Birthday Nadine! Enjoy your Demon Squirrel Bag. But don’t turn your back on it.

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2 responses to “Birthday Demon Squirrel

  1. Love it! So many things wrong (in the right way) about it.

  2. Squeee!!! It is so creepy.