Looking Forward

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2011!

In addition to my crafting resolutions and my reading resolution, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish personally in 2011. Typically in the past, I’ve been a shunner of the resolution tradition. It seemed like everybody made the same resolutions every year and never stuck to them. “I’m going to get in shape!” “I’m going to stop smoking!” “I’m going to learn a new language!” And, reliably, in about 2 months time, the resolutions were forgotten and people returned to their status quo.

As I get older, I don’t think the problem lies in the idea of resolutions really. I think the problem lies in the way we go about them. America is the land of bigger, better, faster. Bigger cars. Bigger trucks. Bigger meals. Bigger malls. Bigger homes. Bigger tvs. Etc. Etc. It’s not surprising this is how we go about everything. It’s almost as if we are a nation (and generation) of hyperbole. You’re going to lose 5 pounds next year? I’m going to lose 100! You’re going to stop smoking? I’m going to stop smoking and run the New York Marathon!!!! Unrealistic.

We set ourselves up for these unrealistic goals that honestly couldn’t be achieved if we really tried. Then we feel 11 months of guilt when we don’t do them. And start the self-perpetuating cycle all over again next December 31. Where’s the logic in this?! It makes no sense at all.

I’m just as guilty of these hyperbolic resolutions as the rest of the country.  Last year, I read 45 books. Next year I’m going to read a million!! So this time, I’m looking at doing something I can really accomplish. Some things I know I (the hard to get started, lazy, sometimes overachieving person that I am) can actually do.

In 2011, I want to eat breakfast. I never do and consequently I’m starving at lunch and eat bunches of unhealthy things in my hypoglycemic rampage through the fast food district. Then I feel even worse because I’m bloated from hamburgers and 2 liter servings of pop. Awful. I didn’t eat breakfast today and I just had a healthy lunch. Guess what? I’m still hungry. Note: I do not actually have hypoglycemia. That’s more of that hyperbole I was talking about earlier. 

In 2011, I want to get outside more. Walks. Hikes. Sitting in the sun on my freaking deck. Vitamin D is good for us.

In 2011, I want to get rid of stuff and not bring in extra stuff. Do I need eleventy hundred necklaces? Honestly, my gut reaction is YES ABSOLUTELY. But not really. Those pants that haven’t fit since college? Gone. How about 3 rooms FULL of books? Not necessary. We have too much stuff. That $1 aisle at the front of Target? It was made for me. I get sucked in every. single. time. I don’t need it.

These are three of my resolutions I’m sharing here. Simple things that can be approached and changed on a daily basis but will have a huge impact on my life. That’s the way to do resolutions.

I hope. We’ll see if I’m eating my words in 12 months….

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2 responses to “Looking Forward

  1. OK. I agree. I just took a dozen tshirts out of the closet to take to goodwill and vowed not to replace them. But here’s my concern…..what are you going to do with 3 rooms full of books?! They are very neccessary in my opinion, so please don’t do anything rash in your sudden quest to organize. I officially volunteer to come over and do with them what you want. I am available for selling and storage. Be good to your books, they need a good home! Let me know!

  2. I go through my stuff every season and get rid of things I don’t need. A little extra cash and more room in the house! ebay now has 100 listings per month with no listing fees + craigslist is always free!