Handmade in 2010

At the end of 2009, I did a post which essentially counted up all the projects I had made in the previous year. I enjoyed doing that and having the opportunity to look back before moving forward. So I’m doing it again this year.

First the photos.

Not all projects are shown because 1. I don’t have photos of every thing I made, 2. Showing all the photos I do have would be…ridiculous, and 3. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten several things.

While compiling this list, I was more than a little surprised. If you had asked me a couple weeks ago how I did in 2010, I would have told you not very well. I didn’t think I was very productive. But numbers don’t lie.

In 2010, I made approximately:

2 pairs of fingerless gloves
1 pair fingerless mitts
8 pairs of socks (not all completely finished)
6 hats (including ones for babies)
2 pairs of baby booties
2 baby sweaters
14 crocheted potholders
6 shawls
3 pair mittens
7 felt brooches
110 tatted snowflakes
21 mustaches
10 mustaches on sticks
1 large felt flower
5 happy snowmen ornaments
1 Ghostbusters cross-stitch
4 Marshall University ornaments
6 embroidery pieces for home decor
1 blanket
1 blanket to put together for a friend
7 assorted pieces of jewelry, including learning to bead
1 matryoshka ornament
1 cross-stitch pendant (separated because it was more cross-stitch)
2 crocheted hemp bird feeders
50-ish sock blanket squares
1 key cozy
7 tape measure cozies
1 knit sock ornament
6 knit mitten ornaments

2010 was indeed a very busy year. I drove myself crazy being obsessed with quantity. I had so many things I wanted to do and to try and I did try a lot of them. But I also got caught up in the frenzy of it all and forgot to actually stop and enjoy what it is I do.  The internet seems to harbor this Americanized idea of rush, rush, bigger, better, faster. The old saying used to be “15 minutes of fame” but the internet only gives you about 5 seconds. I want to take about 5 steps back from this frenzy, take a deep breath, and slow down. The world is not going to change much because I wasn’t able to make as many mustaches as I would like. Or because I only knit 2 pairs of socks instead of a bazillion. The only thing that will change is my own enjoyment of the process.

To that end I’ve come up with some crafty 2011 resolutions for myself. I want to
*focus on quality not quantity
*try to work from stash as much as possible. I have too much stuff.
*focus on ideas I have instead of getting caught up in the pretty things other people are making. I love using the patterns other people have made but I have some great ideas that are going to waste because I never make time for them.
*spend more time on my etsy shop
*do a 365 project. I recently found myself in a bookstore with a half off coupon and no real idea what to use it on. I found this book in the crafts section and an idea was born. I hope to do a 365 project using this book and embroidery. I’ll be posting my projects in a Flickr set and a weekly update here.

2010 was a very busy year. I accomplished a lot. My hopes for 2011 are more about simplifying and enjoying the process instead of rushing through in order to get to the next big thing.

Have you made any craft resolutions for 2011?

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5 responses to “Handmade in 2010

  1. I saw that book too! I hope to do something similar with my drawings/sketches. I doubt it will work though. I don’t seem to make any form of priority in things.

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! What’s a sock blanket square?

  3. My, my, what a busy girl you have been! Astonishing.