Daily Archives: December 22, 2010

A Pretty Pendant

A little while back, I was finishing up some holiday shopping in Michaels when I happened upon these tiny 1×1″ photo frames for jewelry makers. I thought they were absolutely¬†adorable and¬†I probably stood in the aisle for 5 minutes trying to figure out what I could do with them. I’m not really crazy about jewelry making anymore. Consequently, I’ve been trying to find new ways to bring the things I am good at into areas that I’m not. With something of a plan in shape, I tossed the package into my basket and went about my shopping.

When I got home, I pulled out the tiny piece of plastic, that serves as the glass in a regular frame, and cut out a piece of high count cross-stitch fabric to match. I really should have thought that through. After cutting it, the fabric easily unraveled until I was left with nothing.

On my second try, I took a piece of regular 14 count cross-stitch fabric and traced the piece of plastic onto the fabric. THEN I did a little stitching with some of my favorite colors. And THEN I cute the little square out. The edges still unraveled a little and I lost some of the stitches on the sides. My process needs a little refining.

Getting it into the frame took a lot of cajoling and smushing things around until it fit. Instead of sliding the piece in from the top, I ended up placing the squre on top of the frame and wriggling it around until all the sides were in.

And voila, cross-stitch pendant.

It says, ever so subtly, that I am a stitcher. And since I used various shades of purple and green, it goes with nearly everything in my closet. I was all set to write up a tutorial and pat myself on the back until I had a look at Craftzine while looking up some embroidery links for a friend. Somebody beat me to it. So there won’t be a tutorial here because somebody has already done it.

But considering mine was a completely different process with different materials that I dreamed up in the jewelry aisle at Michaels, they might still be popping up in my shop next year.