Snow Days

Over the past weekend we’ve had quite a bit of snowfall here in the Mountain State. Of course you know what that means. Cats in the snow. What? They wanted to go outside. Honest. At least I waited until it was well above 20F before I let them out. They were starting to go stir crazy.

Izzy ran outside and immediately jumped onto the porch railing because of this furry creature.

Jenna was really really really really excited that I and the cats were all outside. We were OUTSIDE! TOGETHER! CATS! And HUMAN WHO GIVES ME TREATS! Also, there’s a DOOR! with WARM! LET ME IN! SNOW TASTES GOOD! CATS!

 She was so excited her brain short circuted and she just sort of stood there.

And the inch or so of snow she’s standing in? That’s under our carport. That’s the snow we got in an area with a ROOF.

Not to be deterred by a dumb dog, Izzy continued walking down the railing.

The only problem with this is Izzy isn’t very smart. And she hasn’t seen snow for nearly a year which means she doesn’t remember it. Not very smart cat + soft, white, wet stuff she has no real memory of = hilarious photos for us.

Check out that stretched paw action. Claws fully extended. It’s as though her mind decided she could just stretch out far enough and there’d be no more snow. This would have to  ignore completely what her eyes are telling her since EVERYTHING was covered in snow out there. She’s cute. But she’s not bright.

After this she gave up and came back to me. Ready to be returned to the inside where her bed and the heater are.

Forget this crap. Let's go inside!

Guy on the other hand is smart. We know he’s smart. But I was impressed with him. He managed to only walk in spots with little to no snow.

He was bound and determined to be outside so he figured out the white stuff and got over it.

The humans cleared a path for me. Excellent.

That’s not really his path. That’s our path to the car.

And yes, this is really what I did while I was snowed in for 2 days last week. Laughed at my animals in the snow.

And took a photo of bird foot prints. It’s winter. There’s not much else to do…

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