Daily Archives: December 8, 2010

It Will Be My Fault

Over the weekend we got a lot of snow. Well, not a lot by most of the world’s standards but a lot for early December in West Virginia. It prompted me to do something I’ve been meaning to do since I became a “responsible” adult.

You see, if it snows, I have to go out in the morning before work, in my dress shoes, and dig my car out. What kind of dress shoes do I own? Ballet flats. That’s it. My winter (and year round for that matter) shoe wardrobe consists of some sneakers and about 8 pairs of ballet flats. I might as well be barefoot in the snow.

Since it was snowing over the weekend and since I was particularly tired of having cold feet during the winter, I took myself to the store and made a wise purchase.

These bad boys have the rainboot bottom to keep my feet dry and are lined with an incredibly warm faux fur. And, AND, they’re guaranteed in temperatures up to -10 C. That’s Negative 10 Celcius people. Or 14 Farenheit.  Guess what the temperature was on Monday morning when I left for work? 16F.

My feet are warm. Oh, and my wool socks fit in there too. Toasty.

But you know what this means don’t you? I bought snow shoes that will keep my feet toasty warm only in the coldest of temperatures. In all other weather, I will have a heat stroke. Coupled with all of the wool socks I’ve knit, I’ve pretty much guaranteed that it will never snow again wherever I am. Sorry.