The First Year with Guy

Sunday is our one year anniversary with Big Guy.

Shortly after our dear Biscuit died, we began looking for another cat. Not a replacement but a new friend. I wrote about his adoption story here.

During Guy’s first few months with us, we mistakenly thought that he didn’t have much personality. You have to understand. We had just lost our Biscuit. A cat so full of personality we didn’t know what to make of him sometimes. Then here comes this giant black & white cat who mostly sleeps and hides under the bed.

Over the course of the year his personality emerged.

We had to learn some lessons about this new cat. We tried to teach him the way things are in our home. He taught us a few things instead.

Guy is many things. He is lazy.

He loves his Izzy.

When he’s ready for attention, he wants it NOW!

He loves to cuddle.

He is the king of our neighborhood. When we first started letting him outside, he spent about 2 weeks beating up all the neighborhood cats and establishing his territory. The vet called him a fighter. His ears are covered in scars both old and new. He’s missing some of his bottom teeth (which causes a little problem with drooling when he’s really relaxed), and he’s missing a claw on one of his hind feet. Previously, I had imagined Guy’s personality being not unlike the Dude. Very laid back and relaxed. Now, however, I feel he is more akin to Andre the Giant. Large and in charge but still very sweet.

He loooooooooooves belly rubs.

And one time he ate a mouse then puked it back up practically whole. But at least he had the decency to do that on his food mat and not the carpet.

We thought we were getting a sweet but bland tuxedo cat and we got….well, we got Big Guy.

3 responses to “The First Year with Guy

  1. Your cats are soooo sweet. It makes me miss ours so much, and they’re not going to be replaced because everyone except me is allergic. And I’m fonder of Chris, Elly, and Paul.

  2. Hi Haley! oh my god you have been blessed! I really really love cats and miss having at least one in my house. But life is really too crazy right now. But, soon….

  3. So sweet!