How to Make Sock Garters

Do you love vintage clothes? Do you long for the years of fedora hats, suspenders, and cute pill box hats? If so, then you will definitely want to make a pair of sock garters.

My husband has been working with a charity in Kentucky called Dames for Dogs. Classy pin-ups doing charity work for rescue dog awareness. A beautiful idea. While working on the shoots, Justin had an idea involving sock garters and he asked me to make a pair for him. Here’s how I did it.  This is a super easy process. The whole event took me about half an hour (well, once I stopped taking photos).

Gather your supplies.

 You’ll need 1 yard of black elastic (2 pictured because I was afraid of running out), black thread, elastic clips of some sort (I found these on the very bottom of the button rack), scissors, and a sewing machine. You can sew these by hand, but you get a flatter, neater seam on the machine. 

Next, take your clasps and prepare them for sewing. 

In my case, this meant I had to cut the clips in half. This will give you 4 individual clasps, one for each side of the legs.

Next, take your yard of elastic and meaure around your leg. The sock garter will sit at the top of your calf, just underneath the knee. You want the elastic to stretch just a bit. Snug enough that it won’t fall down but not tight enough to dimple your skin.

Cut the elastic. Use the piece for your leg to measure and cut the second piece.

Now take the remaining elastic and fold it in half. We’re going to create the garter straps.

Fold it in half again.

And cut it at the fold and the first folded edge. You now have 4 equally sized pieces of elastic.

Now we’re ready to start sewing. Set up your machine and get it ready for sewing. For me this meant digging it out of the spare bedroom and finding a free bobbin to put some black thread on. Oh and the agony of trying to remember how to thread a bobbin. That’s always fun.

I tried out a lot of the different zig-zag stitches my machine comes with and settled on a nice inbetween size zig-zag (#3 on my machine dial). 

I figured it would allow the elastic to keep most of it’s stretch and also cover the seam well enough so that it won’t fray. So far, I was right.

Now it’s time to sew. Take your leg pieces and line up the edges for seaming. Gently place it under the foot and very carefully stitch up your seam. Remember to run the needle back and forth a few times to make sure it’s secure.

The seam should look nice and flat. The first hand-stitched pair I did had a folded seam which was a little uncomfortable. This seam is much neater and all round better.

Repeat the seam process on the second leg piece and you’ll have 2 calf-sized circles of elastic!

Next we’re going to attach the garter straps. Take your leg piece and fold it so that the seam lies in the middle. This will give you the sides where the straps will be attached.

Here’s the tricky part. A sensible sewer would probably pin the strap where it needs to go. Me? No way. I did a finger press on the leg piece and hoped I would be able to tell where it is once I got this mess under the foot on the sewing machine. It seems to have worked for me.

You’ll also notice that I removed the spare parts container so that the leg piece would fit around the arm. Seemed like a good idea. I reccomend it.

Just stitch up the strap using the same stitch and making sure to go back and forth a couple times to make it a secure seam.

On the other end of the strap, attach the clasp using the same stitch and so forth. This is super easy folks.

Repeat the whole process for the second side and then for the second sock garter.

And the last, most important step, dress your husband (boyfriend, lover, best friend, somebody you bumped into on the street) in sock garters and take a photo!

If you have any questions, please ask! You can contact me here in the comments or email me at wildwoodflwr at gmail. And if you make a pair, please let me know! I love seeing things people have made! 

P.S. The miniature dachsund is my Mom’s. Gretta loves to sit up for attention….and bacon.

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