Feed Me

We have a fat cat. So fat, his name is Big Guy.  

Since Guy came to live with us, we’ve been trying to get his weight down a little. He’s on a healthy food and we feed him a half serving in the morning and a half serving in the evening. According to our vet, it’s what we should be doing to ensure we have a healthy pet.

Unfortunately, Big Guy doesn’t seem to get that this is for his own good. So if the bowl is empty, he just sits there staring at us. So, we started putting his bowl away if it’s empty. We hoped he would learn his feeding times better and wouldn’t beg. Bowl down = food time. No bowl=not food time. Is it working? Well… Justin recently sent me this series of 3 photos he took as he walked around the kitchen.

He doesn’t seem to be getting it….

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4 responses to “Feed Me

  1. That is hilarious. I love how out of all the pictures he has not moved an inch, just following Justin with his head and eyes.

  2. HA! These are just hilarious!

    My cats start a riot if the bowl is empty. First comes offerings of “wakey wakey come feed me” nuzzles and purrs. Next comes playful poking at various body parts. Then comes the meowing… and door scratching. This is promptly followed by stampedes around the house followed by more meowing and scratching.

    Then again, I have a small army of cats. A one-cat riot is usually pretty peaceful compared to a 3-5 cat riot. ;-)

  3. LOL The third pic he is saying alright a__hole I want food now.

  4. That is so funny! I particularly enjoy the one where he is looking into the kitchen. It almost seems like he has Justin blocked in there until he gets food. Would more feedings work? Do the same amount of food, but split it up more. Maybe add a third feeding in the middle of the day. I know on the Beagle group on Ravelry people have suggested adding some high fiber food to supplement like canned pumpkin or green beans. I have no idea if that would work for a cat. But they say it fills up the dogs more without adding too much to their caloric intake.