Daily Archives: December 11, 2009

Christmas Roundup #7

This is what it’s been like crafting in my apartment since Wednesday night.

Thanks to a big windstorm on Wednesday, we’ve been without electricity for a couple days now. But the Mustache Christmas ornaments are still selling and I’m still making them! At least, during the daylight hours.

Unfortunately for me, Christmas won’t stop getting closer even though I sent a memo about the whole can’t craft and get things ready with no electricity. The craft round-up this week features more and more Christmas crafting ideas.

This crocheted mouse ornament from Lion Brand is just about the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. And trust me, I’ve been looking for cute.

Justin and I already have stockings we both like but I’m tempted by this pattern at Purl Bee to make new ones.

I’m in love with these ornament topiaries from Better Homes & Gardens.

Remember the homemade marshmallows I posted last week? The idea has been made even more decadent and hard to resist by adding chocolate and peppermint.

A fabric flower brooch would make a great, quick gift for a friend.  

And last this week, I had grand plans to make these adorable felt christmas ornaments.  But you know…no electricity.

Stay warm folks!