Craft Round-Up 5

I’ve become obsessed with Dollar Store or Thrifting friendly crafts.

Three links from Ruffles and Stuff. First is this gorgeous bib necklace made with dollar store supplies. I hope this doesn’t damage my knitter street cred, but these Fingerless Gloves made from argyle socks are clever and beautiful. And last, this tutorial is made for a child’s shirt but the same technique could be applied to an adult sized shirt–Ruffled Necklace Shirt.  The whole blog has amazing old-fashioned style.

I have a plain boring apron. It’s red which is fine but it’s plain. And I don’t know where I got it, only that I’ve had it since I got my first apartment. I keep thinking I should make a pretty new one or buy one or…something. This tutorial is so quick and easy, I’d be crazy not to make one! I stumbled across this 2 tea towel apron tutorial via Dollar Store Crafts.

This isn’t cheap but I would love love to have a magnetic spice rack. And it could probably be made cheaper through thrifting and hunting out budget-friendly supplies.

It’s November 20 and we still haven’t turned on the heat in our apartment (Freeze Out 09 may never end…). Our living room door is sealed well but our bathroom door has about 1 inch of space open underneath it. It makes it quite chilly in there when you’re trying to stay warm in the shower because all the hot, steamy air goes straight through that giant crack and out into the hall. Maybe this weekend I’ll sew up a draft dodger and fix that problem finally.

And last this week, an indoor herb garden.  I have most of the supplies already for this, I just need some small herb plants. And if you don’t, most seasonal gardening supplies (the pot and potting soil) are on sale right now.

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