Craft Round-Up #3!

Welcome to the third installment of the weekly craft round-up! This week’s entry is going to combine my halloween costume and the crafty links for the week.  You can find the first round-up here  And the second one here

For my costume, I was inspired by this tutorial on making fake black birds on Dollar Store Crafts. I can never justify spending a wad of cash on a Halloween costume, so I began plotting on how I could get by on the cheap with this.

1 gray suit:  on hand
1 pair vintage-esque heels:  on hand
1 vintage-esque clutch: on hand
blonde hair: thanks genetics!
fake blood: red face paint, on hand
bandage for my fake wound: on hand from our first aid supplies

And the only expense for my costume,
4 black birds from the Dollar Tree:  $4


These weren't a few birds! There were hundreds!

And in the remastered, colorized version


I wish I never came to Bodega Bay.

I also had paint/blood on my legs from my bird attacks but they don’t show up in the photos.  Many thanks to Heather at Dollar Store Crafts for including my costume on the site!

And if you’re still looking for some halloween costumes or crafts, try these links from my daily internet rovings.

If I had seen this in time, this adorable owl costume would have been a clever idea.

How cute are these halloween hair barrettes?

Amigurumi zombies. Enough said.  

The Not Martha Blog has cleverly created a gruesome meatloaf hand. I want to make this one soon! Check out the rest of the blog for some great halloween crafty ideas.

And of course, my very own Brain Slug pattern. It wouldn’t be a halloween without a brain slug, right?

Happy Halloween Everybody!

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4 responses to “Craft Round-Up #3!

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  3. Best costume I’ve seen all year. Totally awesome. I need to file that one away for next year…

    I love the Brain Slug pattern, by the way. Yay Futurama! (Yay, it’s coming back again!)

    I have to go check out the zombies now. My 3 year old put one boot on backward the other day and said “look mom, I’m a zombie” and started schlumping around the house. Hilarious. Thanks Plants vs. Zombies for introducing my preschooler to cute zombies…