The Princess Is In Another Castle

My niece Mia just turned 5.  And for her fifth birthday, she wanted to have a Mario themed party.  What’s a fiber artist to do?

Make this guy for her.

Last minute of course. What kind of gift maker would I be if I finished early? Or with room to breathe?  I’m sitting there sewing on the Mario logo while Mia played in the next room before her party.

And did she like it? You tell me.
Mario was easy to make. I followed the pattern pretty much as written. I did go down a size in hook because I’m a loose crocheter.  I free handed the eyes and the M on his hat. At 2:30pm on the day of the party (it started at 4ish).  The little brother is definitely going to need a Luigi for his birthday or maybe sooner given how much Nicky was carrying him around as well.
His little mustache kept cracking me up. Hilarious.

We also took our original NES up for Mia to see what it was like to play video games when we were her age. I cannot tell you how old it made me feel to say to her, “Now Mia, this is what we played video games on when we were your age.” And it made me feel old when she was immediately better at it than me.

09-09-26_9007There’s a surreal image for you. A 5 year old playing video game technology from 1985. And Justin and his brother had a rematch 17 years in the making.

Can you guess who won?


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2 responses to “The Princess Is In Another Castle

  1. You are such an awesome yarn crafter! I could never make something that awesome.